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U5 AYSO Player Jamboree

Picture and Trophy Pick-Up
Thank you all for a wonderful U5 season.  I hope you and your young players really enjoyed themselves.
We realize that many of you were unable to be at the end-of-the-season party last week when we handed out trophies to all the players.
Tomorrow, Saturday, November 7, we will have the trophies and any unclaimed pictures at the referee tent from 8:00am - 3:00pm.  Tomorrow is Championship Day and the referees working the tent will be busy.  If you stop by the fields to pick up pictures and/or trophies, please be patient if they are focused on getting all the games covered.  This must be their priority.
Because there are so many children in the U5 program, it is important that you try to make it to the fields tomorrow to pick up your trophies/pictures.  We cannot make arrangements for individuals and we are not likely to have many additional pick-up opportunities.  If you can't make it, please try to send someone to pick them up for you.

Thanks again for a wonderful season,
Dan and Rick
U5 Coordinators

Pictures are in....

Player pictures are in.  We will have boxes at the U5 tent for each session.  You can stop by and find your little one's pictures.  Please be considerate about how you go through the pictures.  Please try to avoid bending them, or creating a mess.  Thank you!!


The pictures will be out October 24 and at the end-of-the-year party on October 31. 

If you are unable to get your player's pictures, please send me an email. I will let you know when I will be at the fields and you can come by and pick them up.  Because of the sheer number of players, we cannot make individual arrangements for picture pick-ups.  Please try to get them during either of the next two weeks.


Dan Bodemeijer

U5 Coordinator


It's Time to Party!!!

On Saturday, October 31, 2015, we will have our end-of-the-year U5 Jamboree party.  Both sessions will meet at 11:00am (there will be NO 9:00am session).  We expect to be finished by noon.  We will gather in the U5 area for pizza and to hand out trophies (all players get a trophy) and recognize our volunteers!!!  Camarillo, Region 68 provides all the goodies for the party, so no need to sign up or bring anything.


Parents and siblings are welcome to partake in the food.  However, please be considerate prior to requesting seconds.


We will have a couple of fields set up for informal play.  So, players can come in uniform if they want.  It is not required. 


We will need parents to step up and help with the food distribution.  Please be prepared to help!!  

Opening Day - August 22, 2015 - West End of Pleasant Valley Fields (Dawson Offramp)
Welcome to the 2015 Fall U5 Jamboree Soccer Season

Please be assured that you have not missed out on any important information!!

As you may know – the Jamboree format entails players arriving each Saturday and forming different teams each week.  For this reason, you will not be contacted by a coach prior to the season beginning.  There are no separate practice times during the week.

This site, blast emails and information notes each week will be the means of communication with our U5 families.  If you do not have an email on file with our region – please make sure that you are visiting this site several times each week for updates.

Uniform Requirements – All players MUST HAVE:  shirt, shoes (cleats are preferred – no baseball cleats with a toe spike are permitted), shorts, socks and shin guards (players without shin guards CANNOT be allowed to play).  THE REGION WILL PROVIDE:  SHORTS, SHIRTS and SOCKS.  We will also provide all players with a size 3 ball.  You must provide the shoes and shin guards.

Opening Day:  Saturday, August 22, 2015 (season runs for ten weeks on Saturdays – no rain make-ups)

Jamboree Sessions – Due to the size of the U5 program, we will hold three sessions each Saturday (9am, 11am and 1pm).  We play for nine weeks and hold a Region-Hosted party the last week of the season.  Your player will be assigned to either group A, group B or group C.  The groups will play three consecutive weeks at each of the three time slots and then rotate.  Group assignments and schedules will be communicated in the next week or so.

Please review this entire message and watch for our next posting this weekend prior to sending any other emails with questions.  You will also have the opportunity to talk with me directly at the uniform pick-ups.

I am really looking forward to an awesome season with all the kids!!

For the Beautiful Game

Dan Bodemeijer
U5 Division Coordinator

U5 Jamboree Information

U5 News                                                                                    July 31, 2015

Well, the season is almost upon us.  We begin play on Saturday, August 22, 2015. This is our first communication to the U5 division for the upcoming season.  It is very important that you read these emails and watch the U5 section on the region 68 website ( Below are key information items.  Please read carefully – there is a lot of  information!!

What is U5 Jamboree? – The Jamboree format is a way to help kids get introduced to soccer and the basic elements of play.  Each Saturday (there are NO practices during the week), the players will come together as a group for an hour.  They will go to a field where a Field Coordinator (Coach) will be waiting and will get 30 minutes of soccer instruction and practice (a parent/sibling/responsible adult must accompany each player on the field during this time to assist with the teaching).  By having each player work directly with their parent/adult it enables them to feel more confident and get more touches on the ball – thereby increasing their learning rate.  After 30 minutes of practice, the parents will leave the field  and watch as the little ones play a 3vs3 small-sided game.  The Field Coordinator serves as the Coach and the Referee. 

Field Coordinators – Those of you who put down a willingness to coach or referee will be contacted next week to serve as Field Coordinators or you can sign up at the uniform pick-ups.  As a Field Coordinator (FC), you will be trained on how to coach. Each week, a curriculum will be provided so that all players are learning the same thing each week.  If you are concerned about never having coached before – be assured that we will give you all the tools to do a great job.  In addition to the curriculum, there will be master coaches at the sessions to assist you with the training.  THIS IS A GREAT, LOW-PRESSURE WAY TO FIND OUT IF COACHING IS FOR YOU MOVING FORWARD

Uniform Pick-Up – Uniform pick-ups will be at the Region 68 Headquarters, 1161 Calle Suerte, Ste. F, Camarillo, CA.  They will be held Thursday, August 13 at 7:00pm or Tuesday, August 18 at 7:00pm.  Please plan on attending one of these.

If you are unable to make a uniform pick-up, please plan on arriving at the fields 15 minutes prior to your first session.  You will be given your uniform and will have time to change.

Please come with your player.  They will receive a ball, jersey (shirt), shorts and socks.  You are responsible for providing shoes and shin guards.  You can find these at any sporting goods store this time of year.  If you are purchasing cleats, be sure to buy soccer cleats (baseball cleats are not permitted since they have a cleat on the toe and that is very dangerous in soccer).  If you are not sure – ask the sales help at the store.


Session Times – Players will be divided into two sessions (A or B).  The session times are from:

·       9:00am-10:00am (Session A)

·       11:00am – noon (Session B)

You will have the opportunity to sign up for the session that you would like during the Uniform Pick-Ups.  Session selection will be on a first-come/first-served basis.  Once you are assigned to a session, your child will play during that time every week of the season.


Finally – The U5 page on the region 68 website ( is the single best source for your U5 information.  (You can find it under the ‘Players’ tab on the website).  Please check it frequently (weekly) throughout the season. There will be additional information about snack schedules, team parents, picture days, etc. coming in the near future.

I look forward to seeing you at the fields.

Dan Bodemeijer

U5 Division Coordinator

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