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U5 AYSO Player Jamboree

(11/3/2016) - Confirmation - Our U5 Party will be November 5 at 10:30am at the regular U5 area.  We will NOT have regular sessions this day.  Both groups should attend.

We will eat, recognize our coaches, have fun, distribute pictures, have fun and pass out trophies.  Did I mention HAVE FUN?

See you Saturday,
Coach Dan_

(10/28/2016) - U5 Jamboree Party - Postponed!!  Due to the rain on Friday, Pleasant Valley Fields are closed on Saturday 10/29 and our party will be postponed.  We expect to have the party rescheduled to November 5 at 10:30am instead.

Enjoy the day with the family!!
Coach Dan


(10/27/2016) - U5 Jamboree Party Saturday, October 29, 2016.  10:30am

We will celebrate our season this weekend.  There is NO 9:00am session.  Both sessions will come together at 10:30am for some food and fun.  We will recognize our volunteers and hand out trophies.

We will not have any regular session activities.  However, your players should show up in their uniforms for picture opportunities.

Region 68 will provide the food, so come out and enjoy a great time.

VERY IMPORTANT - Because rain is a possibility and field closure may affect our party, please check the region 68 and Parks and Rec websites for information on closures.  If we are unable to have the party this Saturday, I will post information on any rescheduling.

Thanks to everyone for a fun, soccer-filled season.

Coach Dan


U5 Picture Day - Sunday September 11, 2016 (updated 09/09/2016)

Picture Day will be Sunday September 11, 2016. Pictures are taken near the west-end of PV Fields by the playground. You can see it from where we hold our U5 sessions. We will take a group picture with each session and then individual players will take their photos.  I will have order forms at the Saturday sessions.

Each player automatically receives a basic package with: a team (session) picture, 1x 8"x10"  individual photo, 4 wallets, a memory make holder for the team and individual photos and a picture button.   This package is built into your registration costs.  However, you still need to complete a photo order form to help us deliver the photos to the proper player.   Additional items can be purchased off the order form.  Please try to arrive with the order form pre-filled (there is some specific information that you will need and I will have a sample form at the tables on Saturday.  When I get a copy of the order form, I will post the information here, as well).

Session 1 (9:00am session) will have their pictures starting at 8:30am and ending at 9:00am.  Please, please, please be on-time as we will be taking the group picture no later than 8:35am.

Session 2 (10:30am session) will have their picture time from 9:00am to 9:30am.  Please, please, please be on time as we will be taking the group picture by 9:05am.

Field Coordinators are asked to participate and be in the group picture - so dress like a coach and bring your best smiles.

If you miss Sunday's photo session, there will be a make-up date announced.  It will be posted on the region calendar, on this site and we will announce it in the U5 news at the sessions.

I will be out there, on Sunday helping coordinate and answer questions.

We'll see you at the fields.... Coach Dan


U5 Jamboree – Fall 2016 (updated 8/19/2016)

It is time.... We start tomorrow (8/20/2016)

Session Choice
    If you missed the orientation meeting,  please show up 1/2 hour prior to your choice of sessions (8:30am for the 9:00am session or 10:00am for the 10:30am session).  We will hand out your uniforms and get you situated for the day.  Please bring soccer shoes and shin guards!!

Field Coordinators
    Those of you who signed up to be field coordinators, please show up 1/2 hour early for your session.  The first session is very simple and I will give you the session plan in the morning.  Prior to starting, I will demonstrate the entire session for all of you.  I am looking for more field coordinators for each of the sessions.

Team Parent Volunteers
    I had many volunteers and will contact all of you during the upcoming week.  The only item that I will need help with tomorrow is snack distribution.  At the end of the session, please come to the Easy Up and help hand them out to the kids.

There are a lot of items to take care of the first week.

Please be patient as the first week is always the most hectic.  All I ask is that you participate with your children and show them a lot of enthusiasm and have a lot of fun with them.


For the Beautiful Game,
Dan Bodemeijer
U5 Coordinator


U5 Jamboree – Fall 2016 (updated 8/14/2016)

Welcome parents and players to the Fall 2016 U5 Jamboree!!

This site will be the primary point of contact with all of the U5 division.  There will also be blast emails and information sheets handed out weekly.

What You Need To Know

  • The season begins Saturday, August 20 (there are no practices and you will not be contacted by a coach prior to this day).

  • There are two sessions each Saturday:  9:00am and 10:30am.  Each session lasts one hour.

  • THERE WILL BE A PARENT ORIENTATION FOR THE U5 PROGRAM ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 16 FROM 7:30-8:30PM AT THE CAMARILLO REGION OFFICE (1161 Calle Suert Suite F, Camarillo, CA 93012).  Please try to have one parent attend.

    • We will cover the Jamboree format, ask for volunteers for field coordinating, take snack sign ups and allow you to choose which session you would like to participate in.

    • Hand out uniforms – the region provides socks, shirt and shorts along with a size 3 ball.  You must provide shoes and shin guards (without shin guards – a child cannot play).

  • If you miss the orientation – please come to the U5 area at either 8:00am or 10:00 am on Saturday morning.

  • The U5 area is at the WEST END of Pleasant Valley Fields (near the baseball diamonds).

  • If you need to contact me, I can be reached at

Thank You All and I look forward to seeing you at the fields.

For The Beautiful Game,

Dan Bodemeijer

U5 Coordinator

U5 Jamboree Information

Please read carefully – there is a lot of  information!!

What is U5 Jamboree? – The Jamboree format is a way to help kids get introduced to soccer and the basic elements of play.  Each Saturday (there are NO practices during the week), the players will come together as a group for an hour.  They will go to a field where a Field Coordinator (Coach) will be waiting and will get 30 minutes of soccer instruction and practice (a parent/sibling/responsible adult must accompany each player on the field during this time to assist with the teaching).  By having each player work directly with their parent/adult it enables them to feel more confident and get more touches on the ball – thereby increasing their learning rate.  After 30 minutes of practice, the parents will leave the field  and watch as the little ones play a 3vs3 small-sided game.  The Field Coordinator serves as the Coach and the Referee. 

Field Coordinators – Those of you who put down a willingness to coach or referee will be contacted next week to serve as Field Coordinators or you can sign up at the uniform pick-ups.  As a Field Coordinator (FC), you will be trained on how to coach. Each week, a curriculum will be provided so that all players are learning the same thing each week.  If you are concerned about never having coached before – be assured that we will give you all the tools to do a great job.  In addition to the curriculum, there will be master coaches at the sessions to assist you with the training.  THIS IS A GREAT, LOW-PRESSURE WAY TO FIND OUT IF COACHING IS FOR YOU

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