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U5 Jamboree

Welcome to the 2013 Fall Soccer Season

U5 Communication #3

Well, we have finally arrived.  The soccer season begins Saturday, September 6th.  We play at the very West End of Pleasant Valley Fields.

For those of you who made it to the uniform pick-up, and signed up for a session, you will participate in the session that you signed up for.  

Uniform Note:  All the U5 uniforms are the same size.  If shorts or jerseys are too small, you will need to pin them up – trading in for a different size is not available. 

Important reminders for Saturday (and every game-day)

·       Your child must wear shin guards to play.  This is for their safety and liability reasons

·       Bring your ball.  Have your name on the ball.  There will be a lot of balls that look the same out there.

·       Bring water for your child to drink during breaks.  (Water is the best for hydrating during a workout.  Sports drinks (Gatorade, etc.) are better for after a workout).

·       When you arrive (try to be 5-10 minutes early), go to one of the fields with a Field Coordinator.  They will lead you through the session.

·       The region will provide snacks during the first two sessions.  We will ask parents to sign up to bring snacks the remaining seven sessions.

Important Dates To Remember

·       September 6h – Opening Day

·       TBD – Picture Day – (additional details to follow)

Calling All Field Coordinators

We are still looking for more Field Coordinators.  Especially at the 1:00pm sessions.  If you are willing to help, please contact me. 

See you all at the fields,

Dan Bodemeijer

U5 Coordinator


U-5 - Jamboree Parent with Player

Jamboree Parent with Player is the combination of two different formats that, put together, will provide the best possible introduction to soccer for our youngest players. In AYSO soccer, a jamboree means that teams are formed on a weekly basis depending on how many players attend a given session. Parent with Player refers to the concept that each player will have a parent (or other adult or older sibling) working with them on the field.

A “Master Coach” will lead each session. The Master Coach will introduce a game/activity that will practice a certain skill or part of the game using explanation and demonstration. Each pair (player/parent) will then attempt the activity while the Master Coach circles between pairs providing specific help or suggestions so that the activities are performed as intended. After a suitable amount of time, the Master Coach will bring the players and parents back together as a group and recap what they have done, introducing the next game/activity.

Each Jamboree Parent with Player session will end with a 24 minute short-sided game. Details regarding the game are explained later. Most importantly, allow the players to play without coaching or teaching them as this experience is designed to expose them to soccer, not to begin developing them. The two goals of the program are to allow the players to enjoy the activities and to let the game be the teacher.

We are excited to have our parents, who are interested in coaching, leading our Jamboree sessions as Field Coordinators.  By having a parent work with their own child during the skills part of the session, we hope to improve the learning and development of each child as well as improve the consistency of what each player is being taught throughout the season.
We will be holding three sessions on a weekly basis.  You will sign up at the beginning of the year for the session that you and your player will attend each week.  Boys and girls will be playing during the same session, but on different fields.  These sessions will be held:

  • Saturday 9-10am
  • Saturday 11-12pm
  • Saturday 1-2pm

**Please select one session to attend each week throughout the entire season.  

Each week, when you arrive at your session, you will be assigned to a specific field to work with a Field Coordinator with oversight from the Master Coach.  You will have a specific skill or two taught to you and your player and will be given time to work on that skill together.  You may ask for assistance from the Field Coordinators or Master Coaches as they circulate throughout the practice area.  After a quick water break, during which fields will be set up, we will hold short-sided games for the remaining time.  By teaching the skills and holding games during the same session, this eliminates having a separate practice time during the week.

All players will be issued a uniform.  This includes: shorts, jersey and socks.  (Shoes and shin guards are to be provided by the player).  Each week, the players are to arrive in full uniform.  For safety reasons, every player MUST have on shin guards and be wearing appropriate footwear (cleats – without a toe-cleat or tennis shoes are considered appropriate).

U5 parent information meetings and uniform pick up dates will be announced in a future communication.  You will request your weekly session when you pick up your uniform and sessions will be filled on a first come/first served basis.

The Fall Season begins on Saturday, September 6, 2014.  We will have nine weeks of sessions and will end the season with a party.  Details of the party and Picture Day will be announced in future communication.

If you have additional questions, please bring them with you to the parents meeting.  Or, you can direct questions to the U5 email box at  Please watch for emails (allow this email in your spam filters) and watch the U5 section on the region’s website,, for further communication.

We are looking forward to an exciting season of soccer.  We sincerely hope that our youngest players will develop a love of
the game that will last a lifetime!

See You On The Fields!!

Dan Bodemeijer
U5 Division Coordinator

U5 Jamboree Information

Past Communications
U5 Communication #2

We will be sending all communication through e-mail and also posting it on this page.  Please read ALL communication.  It contains important dates and action items.

The Available U5 Jamboree Session Times:

  • Saturdays – 9:00am to 10:00am
  • Saturdays – 11:00am to noon
  • Saturdays – 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Uniform distribution for all U5 players will be at the following times:

  • TBD (East End of Pleasant Valley Fields)
  • TBD (East End of Pleasant Valley Fields)


If you have additional questions: 
Email Dan Bodemeijer U5 Coordinator

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