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Executive Board Members

Tim Azbell
Jim Moye
Safety Director
Brian Lieberson
Mike Harrison
Carol Bjordahl
Kevin Churchill
Referee Admin
Ken Carter
Coach Admin
Elected Elected Elected Elected Elected Elected Elected
 Guy Lockwood Rich Frank Kim Goodman Aaron Trahan  OPEN  Jennifer Kwast

 Asst Commissioner Asst Commissioner Secretary Boys Competitive Girls Competitive Non Competitive
  Appointed Appointed Appointed Appointed Appointed

Camarillo AYSO Region 68 Board Members


 Regional Commissioner  Tim Azbell                      
 Treasurer    Mike Harrison
 Assistant Regional Commissioner            Rich Frank   Child Volunteer Protection Avocate (CVPA)
 Carol Bjordahl
 Assistant Regional Commissioner  Guy Lockwood  Safety Director  O P E N
 Regional Referee Administrator
 Kevin Churchill     Registrar   Brian Lieberson
 Director of Players, Competitive Boys   Aaron Trahan     Regional Coach Administrator            Ken Carter
Director of Players, Competitive Girls
 OPEN   Secretary 
  Kim Goodman
 Director of Players, Non-Competitive
 Jennifer Kwast


 Head Team Parent   OPEN  Regional Calendar Director  Brian Lieberson
 Uniform Director   Rene D'Inca   Webmaster   Kevin Churchill
 Field Director   Michael Caron   Tournament Director Strawberry Cup      Christi Mulchay
 Field Staff  Mike Waller
 Tournament Director Extra Cup   Bob Dawson
 Field Staff  Carlos Catalan  Tournament Team Director  Dan Johnston
 Field Staff  Ruben Hernandez  Regional Volunteer Coordinator  OPEN    
 National Games Coordinator  Bobbe Jacobs
 VIP Director   Michelle Hofhine
 Spring League Director 2015  David Masci  
 Awards Director  OPEN  Regional Management Administrator  Tom Hartnell   
 Asst Treasurer (Tournament Teams)
 Kris Teller
 LA Galaxy Coordinator
 Regional Referee Administrator
 Kevin Churchill  Regional Coach Administrator
 Ken Carter
 Assistant Referee Administrator   Frank Dellalibera  Game/Practice Scheduler  Umrao Mayer
 Coordinator PRO Program   Rick Legere  Coach Instructor  Bob Dawson
  Director of Referee Assessment
 Paul Young
 Director of Referee Assessment   Jeff Plunkett   Coach Instructor  Ken Carter
 Director of Referee Instruction   Rich Frank  Coach Instructor  Matt Fowler
 EXTRA Referee Coordinator
 James Bjordahl  Coach Staff
 David French
 Referee Staff  John Cahill   Coach Staff  Roman Spandrio
 Referee Staff  Rhonda Brooks  Coach Staff  Jim Moye    
 Referee Staff  Lino Magna  Coach Staff  Kail Macias      
 Referee Staff
 Ryan Kraai
 Director of Players for Competitive Boys  Aaron Trahan
 Referee Staff
 David Masci
 Division Coordinator for BU10  Rene D'Inca
 Asst. Coordinator PRO Program  OPEN
 Division Coordinator for BU10  Matt Fowler    
     Division Coordinator for BU12  Brenda Lathrop      
     Division Coordinator for BU14   Jim Schicker        

 Division Coordinator for BU16/19  Dan Johnston
 Director of Players for Competitive Girls          David Masci  
 Division Coordinator for GU10                                        Kail Macias
 EXTRA Player Coordinator( Interim)
 Guy Lockwood
 Division Coordinator for GU10                                        Ken Storey    
 EXTRA Coach/Player Development  Bob Dawson  Division Coordinator for GU12                                        Jim Moye
 EXTRA Referee Scheduler  Frank Dellalibera  Division Coordinator for GU14                                        David Howells
 EXTRA Team Manager Coordinator  Brian Leiberson
 Division Coordinator for GU16/U19                                 Ken Carter
 EXTRA Uniform Coordinator  Rene D'Inca  Director of Players for Non Competitive                           Dale Jacobs
 EXTRA Referee Coordinator  James Bjordahl  Division Coordinator for GU5/BU5                                   Dan Bodemeijer
 EXTRA Tryout Administrator  Seana Dawson  Division Coordinator for BU6                                           Jennifer Kwast
 EXTRA Scorekeeper
 William Grandi  Division Coordinator for BU7                                           Carlos Cabral               
     Division Coordinator for BU8                                           Jim Bak                        
     Division Coordinator for GU6                                          Tobie Rodriguez
     Division Coordinator for GU7                                          Carrie Roske
     Division Coordinator for GU8                                           Nathan Cuellar

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