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Referee Training Resources


          AYSO Referee Lesson Plans
          AYSO Advice to the USSF Advantage Change


          U-8 Lesson Plan
               The Game of Soccer (page 5, 25 mins)
               Understanding U-8 Players (page 10, 15 mins)
               Pre-Game and Post-Game Duties (page 13, 35 mins)
               Starting the Game (page 20, 20 mins)
               Stoping the Game (page 24, 30 mins)
               Restarting the Game (page 29, 35 mins)
               Course Wrap-Up (page 34, 10 mins)


          Basic Online Companion Course Lesson Plan
                  Introduction and Initital Student Questions (page 7,15 mins)
                  Pre Game, Half Time, Post Game (page 9, 10 minutes)
                  Restarts (page12, 25 minutes)
                  Fouls and Misconducts (page 29, 25 minutes)
                  Offside (page 23, 25 minutes)
                  Posititioning and Signaling (page 28, 25 minutes)
                  Wrap-Up and Final Q&A (page 32, 15 minutes)
                  Basic Exam (40 minutes)
          Basic Online Companion Course-Offside PowerPoint
          Basic Referee Summary Sheet
          Basic Referee Training FAQ
          Basic Online Training Checklist


          Intermediate Referee Lesson Plan
               Understanding a more Physically Demanding Game (page 5, 75 mins)
               Fouls and Misconduct: Intermediate (page 13, 90 mins)
               Offside: Intermediate (page 22, 60 mins)
               Interaction with Coaches and Spectators (page 29, 60 mins)
               The Referee Team and Diagonal System of Control (page 34, 120 mins)
               AYSO National Referee Program (page 48, 45 mins) 

          Intermediate Referee Class PowerPoint
          Intermediate Referee Referee/AR Communication Hand-out          
          Intermediate Referee Ref Ball Hand-out
          Intermediate Assistant Referee Signals Hand-out
          Intermediate Characteristics of a U12 Player Hand-out
          Intermediate Course Evaluation 
          Intermediate Referee Objectives of the Game Hand-out
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