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Volunteer Participation Points Requirements

Referee Corner


Referees must complete the items below prior to attending a class:

1. Complete/Update an AYSO Adult Volunteer Application at ( You will receive an eAYSO ID# used for online training. This is the same application for all AYSO volunteer positions.  

Complete the online AYSO Safe Haven course at regardless of badge level. Safe Haven course is the same for all AYSO volunteer positions. Safe Haven training online class Safe Haven. Not necessary if there is not a break in your volunteer service from Fall 2012.

** Complete the online AYSO Concussion course at regardless of badge level. The concussion course is the same for all AYSO volunteer positions.

** Concussion training is now strongly recommended, but not mandatory.

U8 Referee Classes   

Please sign up on eayso for the specific roster

Place: AYSO Office (1161 Calle Suerte Suite F)
PLEASE EAT PRIOR TO CLASS.  Snacks and drinks will be available.

Tuesday August 11th: 6:30 to 9:00-- Roster # 201503110

  * Saturday August 15th: 1:00 to 4:00--Roster # 201503112

  * Friday August 21st: 6:30 to 9:00--Roster # 201503114

  * Thursday August 27th: 6:30 to 9:00--Roster # 201503116 LAST CLASS

Steps 1 and 2 and we highly recommend  taking the online concussion training.


Regional Referee Online and Companion Classes (U10-U12)

Please sign up on eayso for the specific roster.

PLEASE EAT PRIOR TO CLASS.  Snacks and drinks will be available.
AYSO Office (1161 Calle Suerte Suite F)


  * Monday August 10th: 6:30 to 9:30--Roster # 201503109  
  * Saturday August 15th: 9:00 to noon--Roster # 201503111
  * Thursday August 20th: 6:30 to 9:30--Roster # 201503113
  * Tuesday August 25th: 6:30 to 9:30--Roster # 201503115
​  * Wednesday September 2nd: 6:30 to 9:30 Roster #201504617 LAST CLASS

Prerequisite: Steps 1 through 3 above plus completion of the online Basic Referee Course (Regional Badge).  You can not take the companion class without first completing the online course at  You will need your AYSO volunteer id to register for the online class.


Intermediate Referee Class (3 consecutive nights)

Place: AYSO Office (1161 Calle Suerte Suite F)

Dates (you must attend all three classes):
Dinner will be provided each evening
   *Tuesday September 29th: 6:30 to 9:30
   * Wednesday September 30th: 6:30 to 9:30
   * Thursday October 1st6:30 to 9:30

Prerequisite: Completion of the Basic Referee Course (Regional Badge)

Games:  Recommended to have refereed at least 20 games with 5 games in the center. 

Preparation: Know the Law Book prior to coming to class! Special attention to Law 11 and Law 12

We will be providing dinner each evening and we will supply everything you need to take the class. 

Contact our Referee Administrator is you have any further questions

Fall 2014 Core Season Game Count

Fall 2014 Season Referee Supermen and Superwomen

Camarillo Region 68 Top 100 ranked by games refereed in the Fall 2014 season.
(All competitive games from U10 to U16/19 counted as equal)

Rank Referee Games
Rank Referee Games
1st clint shibata (Superman)
51st darren davidson 12
2nd mike harrison 33
52nd guy lockwood 12
3rd toufue chang 30
53rd john dillard 12
4th jim white 29
54th khuy taing 12
5th frank wolbert 28
55th minhquan tran 12
6th jan baker (Superwoman)
56th james gomez 11
6th sean lee 25
57th juan martinez 11
8th scott bush 23
58th nathan ponder 11
8th timothy obrien 23
59th russ widerburg 11
10th kevin churchill 22
60th serafin salomon jr 11
10th john sauers 22
61st toby doane 11
10th francisco dellalibera 22
62nd charles thorne 10
10th rick legere 22
63rd david west 10
14th brian keliher 21
64th kristen ceasar-majusiak 10
15th daniel bodemeijer 21
65th mark griffith 10
16th ryan kraai 21
66th nancy sopp 10
17th david masci 20
67th rick hunnicutt 10
18th kevin grimm 20
68th rosemary spira 10
19th kimberly grimm 20
69th scott wirz 10
20th tim jones 20
70th tom tyo 10
21st jim bak 19
71st al mitra 9
22nd juan enriquez 19
72nd brian christianson 9
23rd rich adams 19
73rd brian kelly 9
24th thomas hayden 19
74th bryan blau 9
25th dan hanchey 18
75th david ominsky 9
26th lino magana 18
76th eric anderson 9
27th rhonda brooks 17
77th jeff devico 9
28th yeshi tenzin 17
78th jennifer gilbert 9
29th bob dawson 16
79th jesse hernandez 9
30th dan harris 16
80th jim moye 9
31st don vanasse 16
81st jon hauselmann 9
32nd eric holland 16
82nd kirk flittie 9
33rd felipe gonzalez 16
83rd michael ashley 9
34th james bjordahl 16
84th michael donlon 9
35th matthew swarts 16
85th paul pridmore 9
36th nathanael price 16
86th ryan laudato 9
37th rahul mehrotra 16
87th thomas chaney 9
38th tom clock 16
88th tim snowber 9
39th alex neder 15
89th brian fisher 8
40th michael reynolds 15
90th cameron stivers 8
41st paul young 15
91st david aronowitz 8
42nd robertw haddock 15
92nd gregory garcia 8
43rd ali yousefi 14
93rd hannah hauselmann 8
44th brian rossling 14
94th john mccoy 8
45th david cardiel 14
95th julie garcia 8
46th andrew waltman 13
96th kail macias 8
47th jcarlos rodriguez 13
97th ken morrison 8
48th robertu haddock 13
98th kenneth walker 8
49th brenda lathrop 12
99th kevin baysinger 8
50th chris majusiak 12
100th leo alamillo 8
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