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Youth Referees (Pro Program)


Camarillo AYSO Youth Referee Program

Wanted: Great Kids Who Love the Game

1. Prior to attending a class you must first complete online basic referee training class (takes about an hour) (Basic Referee Online Training). This is mandatory prior to attending class.

      You will need your AYSO ID#
2. Enroll at online course registration to take the Basic Referee Companion course.       
3. Attend the Basic Companion Course and take the referee certification test.
      1161 Calle Suerte Suite F, Camarillo CA 93012


Camarillo Region 68 is looking for youth that enjoy the sport of soccer. If you're one of these people or you know someone who is, here's a great chance to become involved in the sport in a whole new way: being a referee. Learn to referee younger kids and help them enjoy soccer as much as you do. Youth referees are trained in clinics, along with adults, and get to referee real games. This is fun way to earn community service hours for your school, while helping the younger kids enjoy the game. And, of course, it's also an excellent way to learn about the Laws of the Game of soccer.

Supporting our Youth as Referees (Zero Tolerance)
It is important to remember that when a youth is refereeing a soccer match, he or she is an integral part of the official referee staff of our region. These youth represent future resources for AYSO and the greater community, and it is up to us - parents, coaches and fellow referees - to encourage, nurture and support them. We must give them the patience and positive reinforcement that is the cornerstone of AYSO. Every coach, player, and parent must keep in mind that the young referees working out there are our kids, and that we owe them the same, if not more, patience and respect than we give the players. And if you're a coach in a game where one of your spectators is being disruptive or challenging the youth referee's authority, you need to immediately intervene. Coaches, remember that the first line of responsibility for dealing with spectators rests with you.

Training for Youth Referees
Youth referees learn the same material as the adults. They are required to attend one of the entry-level training courses (either the U5-U8 Classes or the Regional Ref Classes). And like the adults, they will be provided with all they need to begin refereeing; uniform, whistle etc. at the completion of their training. Contact Chief Referee, the Referee Administrator for Region 104, if you have any questions or are interested in participating.

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