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Practice Field Information

For non-competitive teams, you are also welcome to use unclaimed grids on a first come, first served basis as well.  In addition, all teams should be aware that in addition to the reserved fields, AYSO has permits to use the following parks:
     Mission Oaks Park - Only in the open area near the play equipment.
     Heritage Park
     Quito Park
     Woodside Park
     Lokker Park
     Community Center - Only on Tuesday and Thursdays including the back side
Thanks,  Um


Hello Coaches      
If you are at one of the grids with the 4:00 to 8:00 time designation, please note you are the only team scheduled on that space so you may do with the time slot whatever you wish. We did it this way because, by the end of September, it will be dark by around 7 o'clock and teams starting out in a 6:00 slot may want to slide to an earlier time slot.  

Leave the field in better shape then when you arrive.  PVSD/PVRRD will revoke our privileges if we leave our fields a mess!

Thanks,  Um
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