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End-of-Season Party!!


October 27, 2018

Regular Session - 9:30-10:30am

Party 10:30 to 11:30am


Food and drinks will be provided by Region 68 (families are welcome to join)

We will thank our coaches and celebrate with our trophies

Show up ready to Celebrate!!


Schoolyard/U5 Division

Welcome to Fall 2018 U5 Schoolyard

***Critical, time-sensitive information is listed below.  Please read the ENTIRE post.****

When and Where Do we Play?

We gather as a group every Saturday from 9:30-10:30am.  Our first week is  Saturday, August 18, 2018.  We meet at the very West End of Pleasant Valley Fields (off the Dawson off-ramp of the 101 Freeway).  The West End is by the baseball diamonds.  Look for a white tent with a flag identifying the U5 area.  The season lasts 10 consecutive weeks (except for Labor Day Weekend).


 What is Schoolyard?
Schoolyard is an introductory program to soccer.  It's purpose is to introduce players to the basic skills necessary for success as they move through their soccer careers.

Players are not placed onto formal teams.  Once each week, we gather for an hour to practice and play a game.  As players arrive, they will join a field, with a 
Field Coordinator (coach) and begin their session. The first 1/2 hour is used to teach skills and do drills.  During the second 1/2 hour, we play a game.

This is the extent of soccer during the week.  There are NO weekday practices or moving game schedules.

Why Do We Play in This Format?
The purpose of the Schoolyard program is to first and foremost help ensure that kids learn to enjoy the game of soccer.  At this age, proper technique and a good understanding of the basics of the game are much more important than competitive results (there is plenty of time for that later in their playing careers).

We focus on only a few skills throughout our season to ensure that players learn how to properly pass, kick, stop(trap) and shoot a ball.  We do many different drills to enforce these skills and these proper techniques will serve them well in the future.

Although, at it's core, soccer is a simple game, the complexities of a game can overwhelm the processing abilities of four and five year-olds.  We simplify things to ensure proper understanding.

When and Where Do we Play?
 We gather as a group every Saturday from 9:30-10:30am.  Our first week is Saturday, August 18, 2018.  We meet at the very West End of Pleasant Valley Fields (off the Dawson off-ramp of the 101 Freeway).  The West End is by the baseball diamonds.  Look for a white tent with a flag identifying the U5 area.  The season lasts 10 consecutive weeks (except for Labor Day Weekend).

What if I wanted to Coach or Be a Team Parent?
Don't worry.  There are volunteer opportunities for our program.  Each field will need 2-3 'Field Coordinators' These volunteer parents-of-players act as coaches.  They will demonstrate the skills and drills and then act as referees during the game.  Don't worry if you don't know how to coach.  We provide the practice play every week.  Prior to each Saturday, Field Coordinators will receive the plan to review and prepare (takes about 10 minutes).  This way, we are teaching our coaches how to coach at the same time we are teaching our players to play.  If you aren't sure if coaching is for you.... this is your low effort/low risk way to find out.  Although we refer to them as Field Coordinators, we encourage the players to refer to them as 'Coach'.  There will be a training for Field Coordinators prior to the second week of the season.

Because we ask parents to bring snacks each week, we will also need 3-5 Team Parents to coordinate snacks and the End-of-the-Season Party.

Do the Players Play Co-Ed?
No.  Fields are separated by gender.

What about Uniforms?
Camarillo, Region 68 provides uniforms for your players.  The region provides a jersey, shorts and socks.  You will need to provide shin guards (REQUIRED) and shoes.  Tennis shoes OR soccer cleats are acceptable.  YOU MAY NOT USE BASEBALL STYLE CLEATS. (Baseball cleats have a cleat on the toe and are dangerous in soccer).  If you are unsure of the equipment to buy (including a ball) please wait until after week 1.  We will cover this information at our first session.

What Will We Be Doing Week One (August 19)?
We will NOT be playing week one.  We will be handing out uniforms, having a general meeting to go over the details of the program, answer questions and sign up our volunteers.  Please arrive a little early so that we can get started ON-Time (9:30am).  We all have busy soccer schedules and I want to respect everyone's time.  Weeks 2-9 we will be having our regular sessions and then during Week 10, we have a party hosted by Region 68 (Camarillo AYSO).

What if I Miss Week One?
Arrive 30 minutes early on week 2.  We will give you your uniform and bring you up to speed on the information covered in Week 1 (plus most of the information will be posted on this website.

What Is The Best Way to Communicate?
Please get in the habit of checking this website, WEEKLY.  There will be information updates, links to the session training plans for Field Coordinators, snack schedules and more.  The website will typically be updated by Wednesday evening.  If you have questions, you can email Dan Bodemeijer (U5 Division Coordinator) at [email protected].  If there is essential information, I will be e-mailing the entire division.  However, the success of this is dependent on you having a good email on file with your registration and your email program not sending the emails to SPAM.  All emails to the division will come from the email address above.

When Is Picture Day?
Picture Day is Week 2 (August 25).  There will be a make-up date. There will be more information to follow.  STAY TUNED.

I recognize that this is a lot of information.  Thank you for taking the time to read thru all of it.



FIELD COORDINATORS(updated 9/29/2017)

Check this Area Weekly for Notes and Session Plans

 I will be there the entire time this week.  See you Saturday!!!

Below are links to the weekly session plans. Please spend 10-15 minutes reviewing prior to each Saturday morning.  (I will provide extra copies at the U5/Schoolyard table every week).

Session 1 - September 9, 2017       schoolyard - u5 session 1.docx
Session 2 - September 16, 2017     schoolyard - u5 session 2.docx   
Session 3 - September 23, 2017     schoolyard - u5 session 3.docx
Session 4 - September 30, 2017     schoolyard - u5 session 4.docx 
Session 5 - October 7, 2017            schoolyard - u5 session 5.docx
Session 6 - October 14, 2017 -  I will have the session plans at the fields prior to the session. 
Session 7 - October 21, 2017 - I will have the session plans at the fields, again.  See you there!!              


SNACKS  (updated 10/20/2017)
Week 9 Families to Bring Snacks on October 21, 2017
Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Brisbine, Komineh

Check This Area for the Snack Schedules (every family signed up for a specific week when you picked up your uniforms).  I will post a reminder each week for those families who are responsible each week.  Please observes the following guidelines for snacks:
1.  All snacks need to be separately pre-packaged items (no home-made items)
2. Bring a snack AND beverage for 8-10 players
3. Snacks can include (but not be limited to ) granola bars, bags of cookies, fruit gummies, etc.  Use your creativity.
4. Beverages should be juice boxes/pouches  or sports beverages (do not bring sodas).
5. BRING SNACKS TO THE U5/SCHOOLYARD TABLE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SESSION - They are for everyone to share - you DO NOT provide snacks for your specific field.
6. Families that bring snacks are responsible for helping distribute snacks, at the U5/Schoolyard table at the end of the session


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