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U10 No Punting/Build Out Line (BOL) Q/A

When can the opposing players outside the BOL move to play the ball?  

  • On a Goal Kick: Once the keeper or player releases the ball and the ball clears the penalty area.
  • On Goal Keeper Possession: Once the keeper puts the ball into play by releases it or putting it on the ground.

Can the Goal Keeper or player release the ball when the opposing players are still inside the BOL?

  • Yes

Can opposing players inside the BOL when the Goal Keeper or player releases the ball make a play on the ball? 

  • Yes

What is the restart if the Goal Keeper mistakenly punts or drop kicks the ball?

  • The opposing team is awarded an Indirect Kick (IDK) at the point of infraction. The Referee should be very clear that the kick being awarded is an Indirect Free Kick and that a goal cannot be scored directly from the kick.

Does the time it takes the opposition to position themselves outside the BOL counted in the Goal Keeper releasing the ball in six seconds?

  • No

What happens if any of the opposing players cross inside the BOL before the ball is released to play?

  • On a Goal Kick:  The referee stops play; asks opponents to retreat, then Goal Kick is retaken. 
  • On Goal Keeper possession: If opponent crosses BOL before goalkeeper releases ball and subsequently interferes with play, restart is an Indirect Free Kick for goalkeeper’s team where the infraction occurred (new 2018)

Why was the “offside line” moved from the Half Line to the BOL?

The offside line was pushed back in order to give the players more space to move and pass.  If offside were to stay at the half way line then a majority of the plays would have to operate between the BOL and the halfway line (about 12 to 15 yards depending on the field size).  Moving the offside line to the far BOL doubles the space available. 

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