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Spring Soccer FAQ

I have signed my player up for Spring League, when do we find out about teams in practice?  
Coaches will be getting their teams at their Coach Orientation which is held towards the end of January.  Coaches will then be contacting their players and letting them know about team number, practice times and asking for people to help volunteer. If you do not hear from your coach by February 3, 2020 contact your player’s Division Coordinator via email. Division Coordinator Email addresses can be found on the Camarillo Board and Spring Staff Tab under Spring Soccer.

My player is not able to make it on the practice day set by the coach. What can I do?
Please let the coach know immediately, and please reach out to contact the Division Coordinator for your player.  If there is an opening on a team that practices on a day that your player is available, we will do our best to try to place your player. Because we cannot require coaches to practice on particular days or times, we can’t always accommodate everyone’s schedule.

When will the Game Schedule be posted?
We plan to post Spring League Game Schedule on January 31, 2020 (assuming we have all of our teams put together).

My child’s Spring Uniform does not fit. How do I get a new one?
Many of the uniforms will run larger, but if it is too large to play, you can get a smaller size. If the size is too small, you can get a larger uniform. Uniforms can be exchanged at the command tent on game days. Shorts and socks can be exchanged at the fields from the command tent along with T-shirts. Please return the uniform that does not fit.

If you are trying to get the uniform exchanged during the week so that it can be decorated, please contact the Spring Director, Keith Fichtelman at [email protected] and exchanges can be made as quick as possible.

If it rains and games are canceled, is there going to be a makeup?
It is generally our policy that we do not guarantee any make up games for Spring League. However, if multiple games are rained out, we may attempt to add some additional games, at the discretion of Spring staff.

What is Jamboree for the older divisions?
The CoEd (boys and girls on the same team) 16/19U, Boys 14U, Girls 14U and Girls 12U divisions each will likely have only two teams in the division. Each week teams are chosen to play against each other, and then the teams are re-chosen each week. This allows the teams to be re-balanced and for players to experience play with several different players. Some Jamboree divisions practice only prior to the game on Sunday and some divisions practice during the week. When to hold practice is a coaches’ decision.

Why is my player on a waitlist?
In order to form teams we need an even number of teams with the right amount of players on each team.  So that we do not register too many players, we established limits on players that can register.  As soon as enough players to make two more teams are formed and we are confident that we can get coaches, we will move your player off the waitlist.  If we do not have enough players to form two teams, we often are able to place players on other teams as we often have players drop, even after the season has started.  If your player is moved from a waitlist to active, please pay the fees immediately.

Why is my fee for my player $85 yet my friend’s player is $65?
AYSO National charges $20 each year for every player. Many players paid this fee in Fall of 2019. If your player did not play in Fall of 2019, they are being charged the national fee at this time on top of the $65 fee for Spring League.

Why is my 13 year old player on 19U?
Our 19U division has always been a combination of 16U and 19U players.  This year National AYSO has changed from School Year (date of birth as of August 1) to Birth Year (year your player was born).  Therefore players born 2001 to 2005 will be in this division. Please know that we have mixed younger and older players together for years with good success.

Why is 16/19 CoEd?
We find that less of the older players come out to play Spring League so we need to combine the genders to create two teams.

I am having problems registering as a volunteer. What do I do?
First thank you for volunteering to help. Our new website is still working out issues.  Please take a screen shot of where you have a problem and e-mail Jeannette, our CVPA, at [email protected] with the screen shot and your problem.

How do I volunteer?
When you register your player, it will ask you to volunteer as coach, assistant coach, referee or team manager. Sign up and complete the volunteer registration request, including all of your personal information.

What is the refund policy?
If a player withdraws before January 31, 2020, $65 is refunded.  If a player withdraws after January 31, but no later than February 21, 2019, $30 is returned. The AYSO National Fee is never refunded. Players who withdraw because they are moving due to a military change in station are refunded $65 regardless of when the request is made.

Why is my player registered in a division higher than they should have been?
AYSO National has changed the way we determine what division a player is placed.  It is now based upon the year they are born, not school year.

Who do I contact if I still have questions or issues? 

If you are unable to volunteer as an adult or youth volunteer, please e-mail: [email protected]

If you have a question about player registration, please email: [email protected]

If you have a questions about coaching or player issues, please e-mail the Division Coordinator or Director of Players which can be found on the Camarillo Board and Spring Staff page.   

If you have questions about scholarships, please e-mail: [email protected]

If you have a general question, please e-mail: [email protected]

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